Church History

The Beginnings of Community Lutheran Church

In the fall of 1947 a group of Lutherans from the University of Vermont and the local area met in order to establilsh a Lutheran Church service.  The All-Saints Chapel at the rotary in Burlington served as a church while laymen conducted the first services.  This building is now used by the Greek Orthodox Church.


In 1948 Reverand William Jensen was appointed Pastor of the congregation.  On August 1, 1948 the first service was held in the cafeteria of Central School located on Williston Road.  In 1950 Pastor Jensen was called away and Reverand Albert Glock accepted the call as Pastor.


The Drive-In Church

In March, 1951 a large cross was erected on the present site of the church to indicate the location of the proposed new church building.   Easter Sunday, March 25, 1951, marks the official organization of the church.  There was a sign that announced the future site of the church.  A platform was built for outdoor services and an altar and small organ were placed on the platform each Sunday.    This was called the "Drive-in Church"; fliers were distributed to to advertise it.  You came dressed as you wished and stayed in the car.  The ushers went from car to car.  An usher sometimes needed to ride a bike during the service to keep the cows from attending.  They couldn't resist the sound of the organ. 


The Building of the Church

On April 27, 1952, 83 members signed the Charter.  Also in April 1952, Whittier and Goodrich were hired as architects for the new church.  The ground breaking was held in October.  During the construction services were held in the Grange Hall.  The building dedication service was held on June 7, 1953 at 4 p.m. 


The church continued to grow and by the end of 1953, the church had started a kindegarten and also had the honor of having a picture of the new building on the cover of the Lutheran Witness.  During 1954, plans were approved to build a parsonage.  In 1953-1954, the Sunday School had 253 children.


In 1958, ground was broken for an addition of the Education Wing.  Then the baby boom hit and the South Burlington School Board asked to use our new Education wing for three grades.  They removed our classroom walls and replaced them with folding dividers. 


In 2005 ground was broken for a new sanctuary on the site of the church.  Church Services were held in the friendship hall during the construction phase.  The new sancutary was dedicated on March 26, 2006.


Pastors Who Have Served Community Lutheran Church


June 1948-September 1950               Rev. William Jensen

September 1950-September 1951     Rev. Albert Glock

September 1951-November 1951      Rev. Norman Brauer(interim Pastor)

November 1951-July 1960                  Rev. Rudolph Harm

July 1960-October 1961                      Rev. Edbert Dunker(interim Pastor)

November 1961-October 1985           Rev. Martin Dienst

September 1984-September 1985     Rev. Larry Rabon(Associate Pastor)

October 1985-                                      Rev. Larry Rabon

2000-2012                                             Rev, Jefrey Jensen

August 2013-present                          Rev. Matthew Rasmussen


References:  The above information came from various church bulletins and directories that have been published over the past thirty years.

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