June 2018 Newsletter

June President's Message



As I write this note, the sun is shining, breezes are flowing and it is warm outside; summer has finally arrived. In this peculiar year of climate events, we best enjoy it for the few weeks we might have it!


Fortunately for us, our God is not so fickle! We are now in the season of Pentecost, the giving of the Holy Spirit and in Old Testament times, a celebration of the Festival of Weeks (a harvest festival of First Fruits giving). For Christians of all times, this is a most busy time in the church year.


Having been given the Holy Spirit who indwells us, we gather under the Cross to reflect, midway through the year, that God Himself became incarnate, He became one of us. He took upon Himself our sins and paid the wage that our sin demanded: death! Our risen and ascended Lord has opened to us the very dwelling place of God where we will spend eternity, because of Jesus. With the giving of the Paraclete (Holy Spirit), we are commissioned and equipped to share the Good News with the world.


In our daily lives, we, individually have opportunity to lift burdens, offer comfort and God’s amazing Grace by sharing Jesus with others. Corporately, together, we as church are to be in service, using the time and talents God has first given to us. In response to the Father’s great love in giving the First Fruits, His Only Son, we respond with First Fruits- the giving back of the best that He has given to us.


As we consider the use of our time and talents, we will very soon retire our mortgage and redirect our efforts on into the future. I want to share one of many considerations for our focus. As I share it, I would point out that for 26 years as an academic emergency physician, that I always said, “If the medical students, interns and residents only double my work load, I would be happy!”


I point this out because one consideration for us is to call a vicar from the Seminary. Rightly understood, as I allude to in the previous paragraph, it will place a heavy burden on the Pastor. What then are the benefits and why should we be thinking about it?


Well, on Pentecost, we were empowered from On High, and blessed with the Holy Spirit. CLC as a vicarage assignment has a great deal to offer the pastor in training. The natural beauty of Vermont, our exceptional God-led proclamation of the Gospel is inspirational (okay, sorry, I got a little excited there!), working in the least religious state in America, the prospect of working with Williamstown and the New England District are super! We would help to develop a man for the ministry and serve our Synod and God’s People.


The vicar, in turn, could lead us in many areas to re-explore our Lutheran identity, theology and practice. He could assist us in Sabbatical, “fill-in” on Sundays when the pastor is not here (thank God we wouldn’t have to endure another Sunday of, “Wayne”!!!). Opportunities with our youth, Catechism instruction and mentoring are bright prospects for us. It wouldn’t be, “a bed of roses,” but there is great promise in it.


As we pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s good and gracious will for us, I ask that you think about this area and begin to discuss it with Pastor and others in the congregation.


In this season of Pentecost, I pray that we are moving affirmatively into the Harvest Field of Jesus and are prepared to offer the very best, a portion of what He has entrusted to us.


Summer blessings in Christ Jesus!



Congregational President

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