May 2018 Newsletter

May President's Message


We have bid Godspeed to the Wileys and Allens, it is post Easter and we can all go back to sleep and settle into our respective grooves, right?



For us, as Easter people at CLC, I fervently pray that our Baptismal calling will cause us to proceed differently; after all, how can we visit the empty tomb, touch His Risen hands and side and walk with Him on the road, and not be changed?



Ours is the Emmaus experience that Dr. Luke records in his Gospel (Luke 24: 13-25). Then as now, Jesus presents Himself to us! HE comes to us in our confused and shattered lives with gentleness, comes alongside of us and explains how all of the Law and the Prophets speak of Him. He ALONE is God and came to us and claimed us in Baptism, now comes to comfort and guide us in this life until He comes again to once again, claim us and lead us home for eternity.



In the next several weeks, Pastor will reprise his presentation on death and dying so as to educate us and prepare us. Many view death as scary and a subject to be avoided. But Jesus has overcome death and has reconciled us to the Father so that we may have eternal life with Him. This is what He taught on the road. This teaching will be very important to us!



Jesus spent his earthly ministry preparing his disciples so that they would be equipped and we are their descendants in faith. We are to “walk on the road,” together with Jesus and having been led to the Truth (Jesus said, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life,” John 14:6), are to share the Good News and proclaim our God and King!



We want to be informed and have understanding. Not only is it useful for today and planning for the day we shall go to be with Him, but also to guide our everyday lives under His Cross. At the next Voters’ Meeting, we will be giving an update on our Memorial Garden. Only if we have the firm foundation that Pastor’s presentation offers, will the discussion have relevance and make sense!


The Emmaus experience prepares us to pay off our mortgage (it will happen very soon and be celebrated in October) and to lift high the Cross, as we envision our use of time, talents and treasures in furtherance of the Kingdom. On the road, Jesus revealed our real path forward; now comes the discernment of where He is leading.



As faithful members leave our road to walk elsewhere, others are already walking with us and we, and the Lord, celebrate it! Adrienne Rasmussen has agreed to do an up-date to our directory to reflect the transitions among us. Each of us is beloved by the Good Shepherd who tenderly guides and protects us. The update will allow us to “put a name with a face,” the name and face given by God.



As we together walk along the road, we will want to spruce it up, pull some weeds and hear the voice of Jesus as He reveals Himself to us to lead and comfort us. Our spring (yes, it is finally here!) cleanup is on May 5. Please plan to pitch in. If, like Jen and me, you cannot be present, please do your part at another time so that others will see that this is a very good road upon they would wish to trod.



May I take this time to encourage you to, “be in the Word,” daily so as to grow in love and knowledge of Jesus? More than Sundays only, I encourage you to have daily prayer, devotions and Bible study, but also to join us for Sunday Bible study, weekly meetings and gatherings and events here at church.



Walking the (Emmaus) road, can you help me identify someone to take over the chair of Stewardship that Judie Wiley vacated? As we abound in Grace and Mercy, receiving not that which we deserve (eternal death and separation from God), but rather the blessings of Jesus (and the Promise of eternal life with Him), can YOU offer to direct our time and talents at Community Lutheran Church; we will help and guide you?



Post Easter, as our gloom and despair turn to joy and we declare, “Did our hearts not burn within us when He was with us,” as we gaze into an empty tomb; He IS Risen! Spring is finally here and the Holy Spirit is planting the field. Are you among those to be sent to harvest? Are you willing? He is able and will equip us!



Jesus has broken the bonds of the grave and Hell and is calling us as our guide on the road.


Christ be with me, Christ within me,

Christ behind me, Christ before me,

Christ beside me, Christ to win me,

Christ to comfort and restore me.

Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,

Christ in hearts of all that love me,

Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.


He is truly present and gives Himself in the Sacrament of the Altar. He IS present, our Emmanuel, God with us, uplifting us and sustaining us on the road and at all times; what a Joy to walk where He is going!


I'll see you on the road and what a blessing it will be!


Wayne Misselbeck

President of Congregation

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