Community Lutheran Church follows a 3-year lectionary series. 


What is a lectionary series?



A lectionary is a collection of readings from Sacred Scripture. These readings are arranged according to the Church’s calendar and are intended to be read at the regular, weekly gathering of God’s people.


Already in the fourth century, readings were gathered together for this purpose. Initially, the readings were arranged in a continuous fashion, with each Sunday's texts picking up where the reading had concluded the previous week. For the festival half of the church year (Advent through Pentecost), readings were eventually assigned that reflected the theme of the day.


The Lutheran Service Book Lectionaries provide Sunday readings that begin with the season of Advent. For each Sunday and festival, three Scripture readings are listed from the Old Testament, the New Testament (an Epistle reading) and a Gospel reading. Psalms for the Introit are also appointed. These scripture readings are often the basis of the sermon for that Sunday.

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